SORA Card — Meet the People Behind the Project

We speak with Mathieu, the SORA Wallet project manager, and Beno, who is managing the SORA Card initiative, ahead of the SORA Card launch


Mathieu and Beno, part of the management team behind the SORA Card initiative

As we draw closer to the registration and KYC release for SORA Card, we had a chat with two people who are actively contributing to the integration and realization of the SORA Card fiat banking wallet into the open-source decentralized SORA Wallet and the Polkaswap DEX.

Mathieu is the Applications Project Manager and he’s responsible for the delivery of the open-source self-custodial SORA Wallet.

Beno from SORA Biome is contributing to the delivery of SORA Card to the SORA Community.