International Crypto Card: Your Gateway to the World

Discover the SORA Card: Your passport to seamless crypto transactions and global spending. Explore the world of DeFi and cross-border payments with ease.

Thu Apr 11 2024

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  • Introducing SORA Card: a seamless bridge between cryptocurrency and everyday payments, emphasizing security and convenience.
  • Highlighting the role of SORA Card in facilitating easy digital asset purchases, cross-border transfers, and access to Decentralized Finance (DeFi).
  • Sharing real-life user experiences to illustrate the card's global utility for travel, business, and instant crypto to fiat transactions.
  • Crypto payment cards like SORA Card have a broader impact on transforming international remittances and accelerating mainstream crypto adoption.

So you’ve been offered a crypto payment card…

Most of us have “crypto” and “payment cards” separately. But how do they work connected? Let’s dive into some details:

Crypto in the pocket or safe crypto?

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Crypto savings and crypto trading will be part of our lives just like bank savings and the stock market.

Nevertheless, using cryptocurrency for day-to-day payments can still be a burden. Could we imagine paying for a coffee with the same speed and convenience as with credit cards? No one wants to pay a fee twice the price of the coffee unless that person is Vitalik Buterin. That makes crypto balances on the blockchain something of a dead weight.

Some people compromise security for convenience and use 3rd party custodial wallets. It provides convenience, yet in essence, they don’t own the crypto anymore. The “not your keys – not your coins” mantra refers to the recommended practice of storing digital assets in non-custodial wallets. Such a wallet is merely an interface to the blockchain – the ledger with the immutable balance of each and every user. Accessing funds on a blockchain, with your own keys, without any 3rd party custodian involved, is a secure way to transact with digital assets.

Seamless International Transactions with Crypto. Possible

Crypto payment cards provide one of the best options to combine crypto utility with daily payments. But there is a caveat: not all crypto payment cards are the same:

Crypto credit or debit cards linked to non-custodial wallets streamline the process of using the crypto, yet still keep your crypto secure and in your ownership.

Technically, the service provider pulls the funds through a custodial channel, where the crypto-to-fiat exchange takes place. On the other end, the channel is integrated with the banking system and uses the same payment processors and banking accounts as the regular banking payment cards.

SORA Card works both ways. It is a convenient way to buy digital assets with fiat currency and tap into the world of seamless cross-border transfers and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) that crypto can provide. Again, after processing through the custodial channel, the funds are settled on the blockchain, with the only access to them via the owner’s keys.


As SORA Card is certified by major financial network, Mastercard, it is taking that convenience one step further by allowing users to tap into their crypto wallets while traveling or shopping online.

International Crypto Card

It is not surprising that payment cards were chosen as a bridging solution. Introduced more than 50 years ago, credit and debit cards have since become an everyday part of our lives. With penetration above 60% in most countries, bank cards are accepted almost everywhere and are a convenient and secure payment method for daily use, travel, and online shopping. Merchants are eager to integrate cards into their payment terminals because of the vast international clientele it brings them.

Card processing technology is constantly evolving, adding additional security mechanisms such as advanced encryption of messages, secure chips, and others. Combining the payment industry’s security mechanisms with decentralized (crypto) security practices is an essential step for the evolution of the latter.

SORA Card aims to combine the best features of the two systems and merge them into a new money management paradigm:


Some quick tips for those still on the fence, worrying around security and utility:

  1. Research Reputable Providers
    The most credible providers issue monthly transparency reports as audited by external analysts. They also clarify policies on security, data usage, and availability upfront for users.
    Checking reputable review sites can further reveal actual customer experiences managing the card over months of usage across various scenarios. Comparing providers on validation metrics curates trustworthy options.
  2. Start Small to Test Features
    Once signed up, begin by funding your crypto card with a small balance to pilot basic features.
    Verify how fast currency exchanges occur in the background when paying in foreign denominations. Check the app and online account dashboards to understand usability. Consider setting a card freeze or transaction limits for added security, ensuring smooth customer support experiences if needed.
  3. Ramp Up Functional Use
    After testing core functionality and support channels, gradually ramp up reliance on your crypto card across normal spending categories.
    Consider allocating only a portion of token holdings to your fiat wallet to access as needed for higher expense items like travel or large purchases. Even though your address is secure with your keys, it is a recommended practice in crypto to have separate cold addresses for your savings.
    Crypto cards are expected to reach over 300 million users within four years as blockchain and digital currency adoption continue to proliferate. With a seamless user experience that retains crypto's inherent advantages over traditional banking, widespread mainstream use seems imminent.

Crypto Cards Already in Use

Using crypto for travel is challenging, with merchants not accepting it directly. Crypto cards change that by acting as a go-between from crypto to traditional currencies. Automatic currency exchange allows the card to work with multiple fiat currencies worldwide. So whether it's booking hotels in Japan, shopping in South Africa, or trading on a Thai exchange, crypto holders have unparalleled financial flexibility. As crypto continues to enter mainstream finance, the crypto card provides an optimal way to unlock the benefits of the technology without geographic restrictions.

"I worried at first about needing local cash constantly while backpacking through Southeast Asia," says traveler Leila Rhodes. "But after setting up my crypto card, I barely visited ATMs or did any currency exchange."

Rhodes used her Ethereum holdings via the card for everything from street food to motorbike rentals across Cambodia, Vietnam, and Indonesia, often astonished by the convenience.

For businesses, crypto cards unlock new flexibility in payroll and vendor payouts across borders. Remote teams and freelancers can receive funds instantly, no matter where they are.

Software engineer Ryan Zhou, relying on crypto payments for his remote freelance work, faced chronic issues receiving client payouts promptly.

"Getting wire transfers always took forever and ate into profits with bank fees," says Zhou. "But after trying the crypto card, I got paid instantly with no delays or hidden costs."

Zhou has since used card-based payouts for freelance contracts worldwide from North American to Asian and European clients with equal efficiency.

Such stories speak of crypto cards unlocking not just travel freedom or business agility but, ultimately - a glimpse of a more open, efficient, and inclusive financial system benefiting lives and livelihoods globally.

Cryptocurrencies, and stablecoins in particular, hold unique advantages for international cross-border remittances. Transferring money between countries using traditional banks often entails lengthy waits of 2-3 business days, expensive wire fees of up to $40 per transaction, and unfavorable foreign exchange rates. Crypto transactions, by contrast, are typically completed within minutes with negligible network costs. SORA Card built on these benefits provide holders with an easy “on-ramp” to these crypto rails.

Taking Crypto Mainstream with a Bridge to Fiat: True to Revolution

At its root, cryptocurrency represents fundamentally new plumbing, transmitting value worldwide, built atop blockchain's digitized shared ledger infrastructure. This emerging internet-based financial grid brings profound change to individuals and economies through decentralization, a genuinely revolutionary concept.

But, as construction continues and crypto tools are being integrated with legacy systems, is this not a setback from the revolutionary concepts? There is a consensus among both decentralized and traditional banking specialists here. The bridges enabling liquidity to and from traditional spheres are essential for mainstream reach and mass adoption of the new technology. Such collaborations also bring standard safe operating practices such as Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) to the crypto industry.

True adepts know that blockchain hints at an even bolder horizon where decentralized money disintermediates control over finance - liberating access, transparency, and opportunity for billions worldwide. The world's financial transformations have only just begun as blockchain promises to remake how value flows everywhere - to finally get us where we need to go without borders.

SORA Card delivers on this promise today, letting digital assets benefit routine life within the existing payment ecosystem. Getting started with SORA Card is straightforward. Prospective users can through the SORA Card website, complete the necessary verification steps, and order their card. The platform's user-friendly interface ensures a smooth setup process, allowing users to quickly begin enjoying the benefits of SORA Card.

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