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Polkaswap is a non custodial AMM DEX designed uniquely for the Polkadot ecosystem and the interoperable future.

Polkaswap aims for liquidity, security, convenience, where an immediate exchange of assets can take place with style and freedom.

Lower gas fees

Achieved by a Substrate based infrastructure that bypasses expensive mining for consensus

Expanding DEX

Add tokens from the Polkadot ecosystem as well as from other blockchains to the exchange

Limitless Composability

The overall Polkadot architecture allows virtually limitless composability between blockchains

On-Time Transactions

Polkaswap uses Substrate, which has superior performance speed compared to Ethereum

Introducing the SORA mobile wallet

Account setup and SORA Card integration

SORA network account creation and import

Polkaswap integration

Swap and pool assets, earn rewards, make bank, live a good life

Governance and staking

SORA Parliament and staking made simple coming soon

Get the SORA mobile wallet today

Store assets from different networks in one app. You can also send assets and move them between networks as well as swap using Polkaswap. Plus governance and staking features made simple, coming soon.

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Trade & Pool w/ Style & Freedom

Open Polkaswap



~432,000 blocks per calendar month



~390,000+ tx per month on average



Stake, trade, pool and earn rewards




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