We believe inflation is beneficial only when new goods or services are created using the newly printed money

That's why we're building a decentralized and democratic economic system that empowers producers to create new goods and services, without discriminating against anyone.

With SORA, financial inclusion for all is possible, and managing day-to-day finances becomes a breeze. Our on-chain governance system is powered by the XOR token, which allows producers to propose funding for their projects. Token holders then vote on how to allocate tokens, ensuring that only the best goods and services are created.

To build the SORA economy, producers should accept XOR for their goods and services, creating a sustainable and thriving economic ecosystem.

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Professor Richard Werner presenting at the SORA Economic Forum, June 22, 2021

Our mechanism is based on the Disaggregated Quantity Theory of Credit, which states that a currency can be inflated in three ways: for consumption, for speculation, or for production. Inflating a currency for consumption or speculation leads to economic instability, but creating money for production can drive predictable economic growth, advancing human development and technology.

SORA's tokenomics rely on a Token Bonding Curve, which helps mitigate the boom-bust valuations that plague many cryptocurrencies. This innovative approach manages the challenges of not having an elastic supply of capital, allowing for steady and sustainable growth.

SORA Card itself is an example of how on-chain democratic governance empowers producers with the funding they need to create new goods and services. By utilizing this revolutionary system, projects can access the resources they need to build the tools that will drive the future of finance. This process ensures that projects are created with the needs of the community in mind, and that everyone has an equal say in the direction that these projects take. With SORA Card, users can take advantage of this new financial infrastructure to access decentralized and non-custodial crypto solutions, all while maintaining control over their data and assets.

Join the SORA community and be part of a movement to create a more equitable and prosperous world for all.

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