Introducing SORA Card

A unique, self-custodial crypto debit card, built for the interoperable future

Thu, Sep 8, 2022

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The SORA community is proud to introduce a unique, self-custodial crypto wallet featuring full compatibility with the Polkaswap DEX, seamlessly integrated with IBAN (bank account) and debit card functionality–all in one place, in the palm of your hand!

Designed with Polkadot’s spirit of interoperability at heart and built by the SORA community, SORA Card delivers an experience exceeding even the best mobile banks to any and every cryptocurrency holder who values freedom, ownership, and privacy. SORA Card aims to offer everything you expect from a cryptocurrency-backed card, without compromising your control over your own assets.

Spend, buy, earn, sell, stake, and trade all your favorite crypto assets all in one place and in the palm of your hand.

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