SORA Card vs. Other Crypto Cards and Wallets

A Comparison Between SORA Card and Other Crypto Card Solutions


When designing the SORA Card solution, everyone involved was focused on delivering a unique product that stands out against the crypto card crowd and stays true to the SORA values of freedom, decentralization, self-custody and ownership, growth, as well as privacy.

While most crypto cards focus on selling and spending Crypto in the fiat economy, we strive to provide a more expansive banking-style experience through SORA Card.

Every card program applies a distinct business model and has diverse features, therefore it is challenging to make a clear comparison between all of the crypto-powered cards and banking apps currently on the market. However, below is an overview comparing some selected features that you, as the community, pointed out as the most important features the SORA Card should include.

View the comparison table as PDF: /pub/sora-card-table-alt.pdf

SORA Card’s goal is to provide users access and ownership over their crypto and fiat assets, all in one place!

As you can see in the above table, banking features such as IBAN functionality, FX, SEPA transfers, multiple fiat currencies, etc., make SORA Card stand out against the fiat options available from other crypto apps and cards. At the same time, through integration with XOR and the Polkaswap DEX, you will have access to tokens from multiple EVM chains, and all of the Kusama and Polkadot Parachains, as well as other Substrate tokens.

The SORA card offering will only continue to improve, and through further developments within the fiat and crypto wallet, as well as DEX integrations, users can expect SORA Card to be packed with exciting new features in the near future.