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Fri May 17 2024

Mastering Crypto

Your Essential Guide to Understanding and Using Cryptocurrency. From the basics of blockchain to advanced security tips, this guide covers everything you need to navigate the crypto world confidently.

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Tue Apr 30 2024

Introducing Mira

We made a special friend in the last couple of weeks who deserves an introduction.

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Thu Apr 11 2024

International Crypto Card: Your Gateway to the World

Discover the SORA Card: Your passport to seamless crypto transactions and global spending. Explore the world of DeFi and cross-border payments with ease.

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Wed Mar 20 2024

Remote Work Finance Management: The Crypto Payment Solution

Simplify remote work finances with SORA ecosystem solutions. Explore how SORA Card and tools streamline global transactions and revolutionize financial management for modern remote teams.

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Thu Aug 17 2023

SORA Card AMA #2

On Thursday 17th of August, an AMA with Dr Makoto Takemiya, Beno Van Gansen and the SORA community was held on Telegram to answer questions about SORA Card

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Tue Aug 08 2023

How to Sign Up for SORA Card, a Walkthrough

In this article, you will find a walkthrough to sign up for SORA Card and undergo the KYC process.

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Tue Aug 08 2023

SORA Card sign-ups are LIVE!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of sign-ups for SORA Card!

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Sat Nov 26 2022

SORA Card AMA #1

On Thursday 24th of November, an AMA with Dr Makoto Takemiya, Beno Van Gansen and the SORA community was held on Telegram to answer questions about SORA Card and its upcoming release

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Sat Nov 12 2022

SORA Card Phase 1: Everything You Need to Know

Soon you can start the card application and KYC procedure in all security and privacy, and order your SORA Card through,, or SORA Wallet. Here is what you need to know.

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Sat Oct 08 2022

SORA Card — Meet the People Behind the Project

We speak with Mathieu, the SORA Wallet project manager, and Beno, who is managing the SORA Card initiative, ahead of the SORA Card launch

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Fri Sep 30 2022

SORA Card vs. Other Crypto Cards and Wallets

A Comparison Between SORA Card and Other Crypto Card Solutions

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Sat Sep 17 2022

Key Features of SORA Card

Discover more details about the SORA Card and its innovative functions

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Thu Sep 08 2022

Introducing SORA Card

A unique, self-custodial crypto debit card, built for the interoperable future

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