26 November 2022

SORA Card AMA #1

On Thursday 24th of November, an AMA with Dr Makoto Takemiya, Beno Van Gansen and the SORA community was held on Telegram to answer questions about SORA Card and its upcoming release...

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12 November 2022

Soon you can order your SORA Card through,, or SORA Wallet. Here is what you need to know...

8 October 2022

We speak with Mathieu, the SORA Wallet project manager, and Beno, who is managing the SORA Card initiative, ahead of the SORA Card launch...

30 September 2022

A Comparison Between SORA Card and Other Crypto Card Solutions

17 September 2022

Discover more details about the SORA Card and its innovative functions

8 September 2022

A unique, self-custodial crypto debit card, built for the interoperable future